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Blending Innovation Into Architecture

GRAD ARCHITECTS, from its inception in 2016, is making its imprint among our client base diversified among Residential, Commercial & Industrial platforms. In our journey, we've found our wings and soared high with the ingenuity of our process-driven professionals. We thrive to establish ourselves as one of the leading architectural firms that stand strong on the foundation of our subject matter confidence and customer-first approach. We aim to exceed your quality expectations and stand the test of time with each & every opportunity we get.

Our Principal Architect, Vishnu Priya, with over a decade of experience, leads our bright & aspiring team of professionals. Being a certified professional in mud architecture herself, she is passionate about green architecture and sustainability remains her signature on all the projects she undertakes.

Our Approach - Creativity Beyond Imagination

We follow a comprehensive approach to design that amalgamates architecture, innovation, and technological advancement with a clear focus on sustainability.
Our Vision - Go Green
Grad Architects has one vision – to move beyond brick and mortar. We hope to build a sustainable, green and economical architecture of tomorrow.
Our Mission - Embrace Aesthetics
Grad Architects strives to balance harmony with aesthetics. With every project, we implement this concept further and further.
Our Value - Go Natural, Go Modern
Our values are deeply entrenched in contemporary styles of architecture. But we never put sustainability on the backburner. With us, you’ll get spaces that bring in natural light in the most modern of buildings.
Our Uniqueness - We Put You First
We put people first. You are our biggest asset, and what makes us unique. We pick out projects with careful consideration and let our designs speak for themselves.

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